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C1 Foldable Treadmill for walking or running under Desk


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Color: White

Walking Pad Foldable Treadmill C1 Fold Electric Treadmill Walking Running Machine Sport Gym Equipment Fitness Treadmills for Home
★ Adaptive Speed Adjustment        ★ KS Fit APP        ★ Foldable Patent

Multi-Function & Multi-Use

A brisk walk can improve your mood, help you relieve stress and stay active and healthy. Walking pad can meet the needs of office and home light sport lifestyle

Hi-tech Sports Mode

Easy to Workout At a Glance
As a beginner, you can use the remote control to operate walking pad in manual mode. As a seasoned exerciser you can control the speed through our patented adaptive speed control system. In this mode, you walk at your own desired pace and walking pad can adapt its speed to suit you . ( Walk more toward the top of the belt to speed up and walk more toward the bottom to slow down


Manual Remote Control M mode

0.5-6 0km / h Speed Can be Adjusted At Any Time, In Manual mode , you can operate walking pad with the remote control. This includes all necessary functions such as toggling modes, acceleration and deceleration. It helps beginners familiarize themselves with walking pad and use it safely, conveniently and efficiently.


Quick Response Variable Speed

With the help of pressure sensors embedded in the walking pad base, the patented Adaptive Speed Control technology can precisely measure the users preferred speed Through sensing different foot drops and posture changes, walking pad adapts immediately with acceleration, deceleration or constant steady speed, it ultimately liberates your hands and offers a truly free exercise.

Digital Display To Know Sports Data Clearly

The remote control buttons are very simple, with acceleration, deceleration, start, stop and mode switching buttons.


Innovative Folding Design

Only Two Steps to Lift and Fold
Using the integration and innovation patent of technology and process, the folding method reduces the storage area of the walking pad in half. You can easily pull Walking pad out for a quick walk and when, just as easily, fold it up and hide it away.

2 Convenient Moving Wheels

Move Your Walking pad Around Easily
There are two moving wheels conveniently located underneath walking pad. These wheels, combined with walking pad's lightweight body, make it extremely easy to move walking pad around. The orange ascents add subtle flair to walking pad's minimalist design.

Only 14cm Thickness

Covers 0.4 m-space after folding, the walking pad is very slim and can be placed in a small space such as under bed, sofa or table, it is suitable for most families.

Simple Shape Design

White and Alloy Grey Stylish and Young
C1 adopts a simple design style and subverts the traditional frame structure to create a new product shape. The integrated panel and the body's sandblasted texture overlay technology complement each other, so that the walking pad can integrate into the home style better.


Power Saving And Energy Saving

Only 0.5 kwh Per Hour
The walking 
pad Cl is equipped with a high-efficiency silent motor At 6KM/H, the power consumption per hour is only 0.5 kwh, which saves power and energy, and is more silent.

A Comfortable Walking Experience

No Worries to Disturb Families
Walking pad C1 offers an elastic and comfortable low impact running surface with strong grip. It is like a plastic runway that protects your joints. The high density fiberboard walking deck carries a layer of cushioning soft gel which is also extremely smooth providing a comfortable walking feeling for you to continue walking without the slightest setback.

Give You Multiple Protection

More Than You Can Imagine
Every detail has been repeatedly verified, please rest assured that we strive to escort the safety exercise for you.

Connecting to KS Fit APP

The KS Fit APP can help you track your activity and over time. A minimalist interface that only shows what you need, such as distance, speed, steps, calories, etc., and can view the current day, week, month and all sports data at any time, you will see the body change bit by bit with numbers( Android IOS Compatible)



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C1 Foldable Treadmill for walking or running under Desk
C1 Foldable Treadmill for walking or running under Desk
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